Frequently Asked Questions

Most cash flow analysis tools take a rear view mirror look. Cash Flow Mapping looks out the front windshield.

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All of Cash Flow Mapping's plans come with the ability for you to create unlimited client accounts and unlimited maps.
If you create multiple cash flow maps and would like to highlight the differences between them, create an easy to digest comparison report. The best way to get started with reports is to watch this video for a walk through.
Use the quick calculator tool to convert an annual, twice annual, quarterly, twice monthly or weekly paid amount to a monthly number. Click on a field on any input page other than the Net Income page and click the calculator icon to the right of the field to show the calculator.
On the fixed expenses page of your cash flow map, click the yellow Add Second Home button under the Monthly Housing Expenses section.
If you have not configured two factor authentication previously, click on click here to configure now in the yellow bar at the top. If you would like to update your two factor authentication settings, click your name on the top right, then click settings, then click Update Two Factor Authentication Device.
From the client dashboard, click the share button on the top in the center of the screen. Enter the email address of the person with whom you would like to share the account and click Share. To view or delete any shares, click on the View Shares button on the share screen.
Watch this video for instructions on how to connect your Calendly account to your advisor site.

On the Net Income Calculator page of your cash flow map, you will see on the right in the Monthly Sub Totals area two different calculations: Net Income and Pay Stub Net Income.

Net Income is calculated by starting with the Gross Income and subtracting the Income Taxes, Group Benefits and Other Payroll Deductions listed. If you would like to see how each of these are calculated, click on any of them.

Gross Income is the amount of income shown on the 1040 plus any pre-tax contributions to assets such as a 401(k) Traditional or pre-tax deductions such as health insurance paid pre-tax. Each of these deductions that are added to gross income are in the pre-tax section of the pay stub marked with a *.

Paystub Net Income subtracts the pre-tax deductions Net Income to match what is shown on your client's pay stub.

Watch this video to learn about tax settings in Cash Flow Mapping

Yes. Cash Flow Mapping has a business maps feature that you can link to a family map and setup distributions to work in various ways including fixed dollar amounts, percentages of metrics of the business, subject to income or self employment taxes or not.

When used with our duplicate and comparison tools, this feature is helpful to show your clients various options for business cash flow to flow into the family and illustrate the various potential consequences including tax changes.

Typically you create one map and then click the duplicate button and then make the few changes for the second map and can then show comparisons. You could also make more maps and more comparisons for options.

Sometimes it is effective to make one baseline, one of your suggestions and then a third while you're meeting with the client to make a variation on what they're agreeing to if they need to make changes. This is frequently done live with the client in the room (or zoom...).

If you give clients access they can login and make changes to their maps.

You can hide maps from clients so a frequent option to use is build a map, duplicate it and then hide the original.

The client can then alter the new one and you can use the change history and a comparison to see what they do.

Additionally, the system will automatically alert you via email when they make updates.

It depends on the status of the relationship.

If you're just looking to pre-qualify a client, just a conversation can be effective and you may need no documentation.

When you get deep in the weeds it can be helpful to have copies of tax returns, current pay stubs, W2s, Business Profit and Loss statements, Cash Flow Statements, etc.

I recommend starting with a small amount of info and growing it as you grow the conversation. It aids in buy in and relationship building while also increasing buy in and preventing fatigue from the client since they gain benefits along the way.

You can also dive in deep right at the start for existing clients you already have info for and use this as a touch point / reason to reach out.

No. All of our plans come with a 30 day money-back guarantee. Outside of this 30 day period, your plan can be cancelled at any time and will end at the end of your pre-paid period with no further commitment required.

Medicare and Social Security are automatically calculated for employment income and business income that you have marked subject to self employment taxes unless you set the map to be manually entered.

You can see the breakout of this at the bottom of the net income page including the application of the wage base limit

It looks just the same as what you have except your branding will be applied to all of the pages and they do not have some of the functionality to delete, view past history, share maps, or view maps that you've hidden.

You have to options:

When creating the client account, you may check the checkbox "send welcome email" and it will send them their username, password and a link to your client portal. We recommend not doing this because they will get a link to their login and there will not yet be any data.

At any time after the client is created, you can click the "resend welcome email" link on the client dashboard and it will reset their password and send them their username, password, and a link to your client portal.

On the client dashboard to the right of the client's name, there is a link that says "edit client". When you click this, you can edit their name, their spouses name, or their email address.

Please note, assistant accounts cannot edit client details unless the settings on the main account allows them to do so. To make a change, please ask the main account holder to update the account or alternatively to enable the assistant to make a change, login as the main account and visit Settings -> Assistant and change the permissions for assistant users as you see fit.

Not yet, but one is on the way. In the meantime, we recommend asking your client for a P&L statement from their accounting software.

They are totaled and grouped into Group Benefits on the income and summary pages. They do not carry over to the fixed expense page or they would be counted twice. We have a field for healthcare on the fixed page for those that do not pay for healthcare through their employers.

Yes, if you look in the download section there are PDF's for the fixed and variable expenses. We do not have them for the income and long-term savings, as most advisors feel it best to enter that themselves from the tax returns and paystubs.

We can customize the look and feel of your client portal with many various options. Please setup a meeting with one of our Customer Success members and we will get it setup for you.